RIP Lord Manuel, original Varulven recording artist

We are shocked to hear that Lord Manuel has passed away.   The news came in at 11:57 on Monday, July 22 from Lady Carolyn

Here are some of Manuel’s original and highly collectible recordings.  Rest in peace, Manuel.   Great memories of riding in your canoe on Spy Pond and recording and jamming in your homes in Arlington and Billerica.

Aastral Warrior

Lord Manuel with the Neighborhoods, a Varulven hit!

Sci Fi Lover

Computer Love


The New Varulven Records Website July 21, 2013, label founded by Joe Viglione March 1976

Joe Viglione


In 1969 Varulven Magazine was born in Arlington, Massachusetts

Joe Viglione of Medford was just 15 years old in 1969 when he produced his first issue of Varulven, a fan magazine featuring interviews and film and music reviews. A collector of 8mm science fiction and fantasy films, Viglione was also an aspiring filmmaker and musician whose original songs first aired on WBCN-FM when he was 17.

While his magazine is no longer in production, Viglione has since founded a record label by the same name, worked as a radio station programming director, and continued writing about films and the Boston music scene. Locally, however, Viglione may be best known for his public access television show, “Visual Radio,” which is broadcast in 18 towns including Hamilton, Malden, Salem, Wenham, and Winthrop. A weekly segment airs in Manhattan.

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Check out this cool page with some of our releases

Boston Anthology 19

Salt Water Summers

Artist Joseph Allen Viglione / The Count
Title Modern Pop
  1. The Morn Of The Confrontation
  2. Whiskey Mama
  3. Salt Water Summers
  4. Jodi
Record label / Publisher Varulven JAV-V-9


I'm A StarLoveandflameIntuitionNewChangesCount 1976



We’ll have full artist pages soon.  Here’s my bio on

In 1969 at the age of 15 a young collector of 8mm science fiction/fantasy films, Joe Viglione, published Varulven Magazine in Arlington, Massachusetts. The fanzine’s name taken from a used book written by Nordic author Aksel Sandemose (English title – The Werewolf, about the psychological aspects of a love triangle), it featured film reviews, an interview by writer Jim Miller with the late screen actress Ilona Massey- an article referenced in the book It’s Alive as well as the DVD of Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein, coverage of Viglione’s first two film shorts – Vlad, The Count Possessed and Two Nights Of Terror, interviews with Ray McNally, co-author of In Search Of Dracula, photos of an Alfred Hitchcock film premiere for Torn Curtain, the first interview with Jonathan Richman since his sabbatical, and the first coverage of Lou Reed’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal tour, September 1, 1973. During this time there was music being developed by the emerging artist in Arlington and Winthrop, Massachusetts, original music being composed as early as 1969 was put to tape on a half-track reel-to-reel with three songs airing on WBCN in 1971 and another three airing in 1972. “Rare Tape Nights” hosted by Buffalo on WBCN were a particular favorite of the writer/performer, and Marc Bolan’s acoustic broadcast from that station was taped from the speakers onto a cassette recorder. Giving that tape to an artist signed to the Varulven label years later resulted in that individual sending it overseas where it has, unfortunately, been bootlegged. The artist that sent the private tapes overseas ended up writing the liner notes to the Crosby, Stills & Nash boxed set, go figure. Two and a half years later the magazine turned into a record label, Boston’s original rock label, Varulven. Along with releases by Viglione’s own band, The Count, the imprint issued comedian Paul Lovell a.k.a. Blowfish, music by Willie “Loco” Alexander, Thundertrain, Third Rail, Mr. Curt, Unnatural Axe, Fox Pass and other New England region pioneers. In 1978 Patrick Mathe’ of Flamingo Records issued their first contract to the twenty-four year old Joe Viglione. Flamingo was a subsidiary of the dance label, Carrere Records, Mathe’ releasing a 12″ record by another group after having signed Viglione with the debut lp from The Count the label’s first album release. Joe became the house agent for Cantones, an Italian restaurant in the Financial District of Boston, launching his first Rock & Roll Spectacular at The Paradise Theater on June 29, 1978. His showcases brought The Stompers, Mission Of Burma, The Lyres, Thrills, Unnatural Axe, The Neighborhoods and other acts into Boston’s best concert club for the very first time. Some of these acts went on to become “house bands” at the club, though as of 2003 Viglione holds the record for performing 49 times in the room where David Johansen filmed his famous Animals medley, where Billy Joel tracked the hit “She’s Got A Way”, where U2 recorded the flip side of “I Will Follow” and where tons of live concerts by The Cars, Bette Midler,Blondie and other acts were taped, usually by Starfleet, which also recorded the second Count Spectacular. Around this period Varulven Magazine started publishing a regular column on Lou Reed’s work. At a Reed show in Paradise Philip Milstein obtained a copy of the Jonathan Richman issue of Varulven, the issue that declared it was time for “The Velvets Appreciation Society.” Milstein contacted Viglione and said he would start “The Velvet Underground Appreciation Society”, with Joe contributing to the first few issues of that fan club’s magazine. Viglione was also writing a monthly column in Musician’s Magazine, and would go on to pen articles for The Boston Globe, The Real Paper, The Improper Bostonian, Preview, The Beat, Discords, a commentary in Billboard Magazine (August 31, 1992), his record company scribblings in CMJ, along with liner notes to the various compilation albums …read more here:






boston anthology 14

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